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Emily Kewageshig

Perfectly Imperfect Connections Reversible Blanket

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Made with recycled fabric

MINI TIPI creates high-quality pieces that are made to stand the test of time, therefore each product goes through an extensive quality control process. The construction of our pieces are always done with the utmost care but products that hold blemishes in the fabric never make it to the shelves. These pieces are just as beautiful, soft, and finished with the same attention to detail as you’d expect from any MINI TIPI product. So why waste perfectly usable products? Our Perfectly Imperfect products will allow you to enjoy some of the most luxurious blankets and shawls, the most versatile bags, at our biggest savings, while removing the impact of unnecessary waste on our planet.

This item is final sale and within the limit of stocks available.

Potential blemishes you may find in our Perfectly Imperfect Sale include fuzzy spot, fabric run, weaving error, small stain and slightly smaller size.


About the Connections Indigenous Blanket

This gorgeous Connections blanket is made from sustainable fabric. It’s perfect for family picnics, camping, getting cozy around the campfire and is made large enough for a queen size bed or a throw blanket. The warm and luxurious wool blend makes them soft, yet washable. The trim adds a beautiful finish. 

Perfectly Imperfect Connections Reversible Blanket © design is property of MINI TIPI. No total or partial reproduction is authorized without the consent of MINI TIPI.


The hummingbird is a small but powerful life force. It symbolizes healing and the connection that we have to the beyond. In order to maintain the connection to our relatives and loved ones that have travelled on to the spirit world we honour the messengers that bring us peace and hope.

We look to the light in search of them - just as the hummingbirds face towards the symbol of the sun and moon, and leave a trail of energy behind them as they flutter into the sky.

This blanket design is a warm reminder that those of our past are always with us in spirit, let us honour them.


60 inches x 80 inches


20% recycled wool, 30% acrylic, 50% recycled polyester

Perfect soft and warm blend that will last a long time.

Wash on cold. Hang to dry.

Perfectly Imperfect Connections Reversible Blanket
Perfectly Imperfect Connections Reversible Blanket
Perfectly Imperfect Connections Reversible Blanket
Perfectly Imperfect Connections Reversible Blanket
Perfectly Imperfect Connections Reversible Blanket

About the artist Emily Kewageshig

Saugeen First Nation

Emily Kewageshig is an Anishnaabe artist and visual storyteller from Saugeen First Nation No. 29. With a fine arts education from both Sheridan College and OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design), Kewageshig finds inspiration from artists such as Norval Morrisseau and Daphne Odjig. Exploring themes of birth, death, and rebirth in her work, she speaks to the interconnection and cyclical patterns of life. While using both traditional painting techniques and contemporary digital methods, Kewageshig creates anything from large scale murals, to book illustrations, and digital designs. The subjects explored in her work are closely intertwined in her cultural teachings and personal lived experiences. Kewageshig creates artwork in her own  personnel practice and for various collaborations with the aim to highlight Indigenous knowledge and culture, commissioned and featured by organisations such as CBC and Purlator. 

"Artists are the voices of communities," noted Kewageshig, adding, "Artists inspire and uplift us all. Art is critical in creating social change."

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What makes MINI TIPI blankets special?

MINI TIPI’s products feature authentic Indigenous designs making them pieces of art in themselves. MINI TIPI not only creates exclusive designs, but also collaborates with Indigenous artists all across Turtle Island to provide a platform to highlight their art work as entrepreneurs and share their knowledge and teachings through beautiful designs. These products are unique, high quality, beautiful and conversation starters.

How to wash my MINI TIPI Blanket?

Due to the wool blend of MINI TIPI products, items can be washed on cold and hung to dry. 

How big are MINI TIPI blankets?

Our blankets are 60 inches by 80 inches.

Where is MINI TIPI’s fabric woven?

Our eco-friendly fabric is woven in Italy with recycled wool and polyester. 

How do MINI TIPI artist’s get paid?

MINI TIPI has a strong relationship with their collaborating artists and ensures long term support through their artist royalty program.