Weaving the Fabric of Connection : Our Collaboration With The Nordik Spa

Weaving the Fabric of Connection : Our Collaboration With The Nordik Spa


The collaboration between MINI TIPI and Groupe Nordik, which involved creating a unique blanket design for Nordik Spa-Nature in Chelsea, QC, the largest spa of its kind on Turtle Island, Thermëa spa village in Whitby, ON, and Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature in Winnipeg, MB, is a testament to our shared vision of fostering lasting connections. The essence of Groupe Nordik’s mission aligns with MINI TIPI’s core beliefs, a commitment to highlighting the exceptional talent within our communities and creating spaces where individuals can forge genuine connections with themselves, with one another, and with tradition and culture. 


MINI TIPI’s emphasis on creating long-lasting relationships and sharing knowledge through art has led us to enriching guests’ journeys when visiting Groupe Nordik’s spas. When you step into a massage space, our blanket, designed and made in Canada, welcomes you to the start of your relaxation experience. It’s a warm embrace that sets the tone for your spa experience and adds Indigenous art to the space. The Village design extends beyond the spa experience; it’s a reminder on how to navigate the world around us. In a time when global connections are at our fingertips through the digital realm, we mustn’t forget the local communities that enrich our lives. The importance of in-person connection has never been more apparent. 



Our creative journey began rooted in nature, curating a colour palette that echoes the soothing hues found throughout the spa. The design itself is an ode to simplicity and elegance and symbolizes the values we both as collaborators hold dear.


The Village design is a representation of the power of connection. It reminds us of the importance of staying grounded and connected to the people around us and the beautiful land we all share. The word “village” signifies a community that is tightly knit, where individuals care about each other and support one another. The Village design was created with this in mind, recognizing that good relationships are essential to being emotionally and spiritually connected.” -Trisha Pitura, Creative Director, MINI TIPI 


MINI TIPI’s collaboration with Groupe Nordik Spas is more than just a partnership; it’s a celebration of community, culture, and the lasting impressions we can leave on each other through connection. With every stitch, every design element, and every shared moment, we hope to leave a lasting impact, reminding all of us to stay rooted, connected, and committed to our villages.