MINI TIPI connects with Indigenous artists that are making an impact in their  communities, who have a connection to the culture, and are sharing their knowledge and experiences through art. We approach artists with a cultural inspiration to tell a story through their art, the design is then transformed to a digital format that is woven into textile and sewn into products. It is important to have voices that properly represent the culture so the knowledge or teachings can be accurately told and respected.  We are very proud to be able to offer authentic Indigenous designs as well as highlighting artists in the community. We believe that representation matters, and that the storytelling and authenticity of the designs needs to be at the forefront.

MINI TIPI recognizes the value of the artist's work and contributes to value them with a fair compensation and is committed to defending intellectual property rights.

Behind the brand

Creating authentic Indigenous designs since 2019, and providing representation to the textile industry while celebrating culture.

Meet our creative director

Our Collaborators


    Nikki Shawana

    Odawa Nation, Eagle Clan

  • mini tipi morningstar alanah jewel ceremony blanket

    Morningstar (Alannah Jewell)

    Oneida Nation of the Thames, Bear Clan 


    Half Moon Woman (Pat Bruderer)

    Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation


    Anna Heffernan

    Curve Lake First Nation, Turtle Clan


    Tsista Kennedy 

    Beausoleil First Nations, Oneida Nation of the Thames, Turtle Clan


    Emily Kewageshig

    Saugeen First Nation