MINI TIPI - From Pitcher To Sponsor At Pow Wow Pitch

MINI TIPI - From Pitcher To Sponsor At Pow Wow Pitch

We are MINI TIPI, a Canadian brand that operates and manufactures its products locally in Gatineau, Québec. To address the lack of authentic Indigenous textiles, we design fabrics with authentic Indigenous patterns, that we incorporate onto our blankets, shawls, bags and much more. To ensure proper representation of various Indigenous cultures, we create our Indigenous designs and we also offer collaborations with Indigenous artists from different First Nations. Naturally, we have partnered with Pow Wow Pitch, an essential platform for Indigenous entrepreneurs.




 When we first heard of Pow Wow Pitch, we knew we had to build up the courage to participate and stand on that stage with trembling hands to share our story and dreams. In 2018, we took the risk and decided to go pitch!  We were so nervous!  We didn’t make it to the semi-finals but it gave us a chance to practice our pitch and to bring our idea and mission to life. 

In total, we participated 3 times at the Pow Wow Pitch and finally made it to the semi-finals…and we didn’t win!  However, everytime we pitched it made us improve our delivery, confidence and grow personally and professionally as entrepreneurs. By putting our brand out there, the exposure opened the doors for so many big opportunities with Aritzia, META and the Pow Wow Pitch Box that would have passed us by if we didn’t take that risk and build up the courage to share our dreams and mission by participating each year.


When we first participated in Pow Wow Pitch, it was with the hope of sharing our vision and connecting with other passionate entrepreneurs. Not only did it allow us to showcase our products and story, but it also provided us the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, and grow with the guidance of mentors and passionate Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Our participation as pitchers brought us more than we imagined. We gained visibility, strengthened our network, built a community and were inspired by the many stories of resilience, perseverance, and success from other entrepreneurs. This experience deeply marked our journey and reinforced our commitment to the Indigenous community.



 With our continuous relationship with Pow Wow Pitch we were able to see the importance of the impact the platform has for Indigenous entrepreneurs, this is what motivated us to become sponsors of the event. As sponsors, we want to give back to this community that has given us so much. We firmly believe that supporting Pow Wow Pitch is a concrete way to contribute to the success of Indigenous entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources and support they need to bring their dreams to a reality. 

As sponsors, we are committed to supporting various initiatives and programs of Pow Wow Pitch. We want to help create an environment where Indigenous entrepreneurs can thrive, innovate, and grow. An environment where we can make a difference for the community. Our role as sponsors goes far beyond financial support; we want to be active and engaged partners in the development and success of these entrepreneurs. We want to be mentors so that our success can be replicated by other Indigenous talents.

We know entrepreneurship is not easy and along the way you will be challenged but at the same time learn so many new things about business, and discover talents that you didn’t even know you had.  The journey of entrepreneurship is exciting, it is a marathon not a race, and remember that when you push yourself to be uncomfortable, this is where the real growth happens!  You will learn, adapt, and evolve which will lead to personal and professional growth.  

One last piece of advice for the future pitchers:

From Trish:  Do not doubt, do not regret, take all the opportunities, this is your time!

From Mel: Just do it! You may feel stress while doing it, but this is where growth happens!


 In conclusion, our journey from pitchers to sponsors reflects our deep commitment to celebrating and supporting Indigenous cultural diversity. At MINI TIPI, we are proud of our evolution and our ongoing contribution to the Indigenous community. We invite everyone to follow and support Pow Wow Pitch and share our passion for Indigenous arts and culture.


We hope this article has given you an insight into our journey and our commitment. Thank you for accompanying us on this inspiring adventure.