We measure success not only on how well our business is doing, but how we can impact others around us.  Generosity is at the core of MINI TIPI, when we succeed, we try to bring others along with us. We are involved in multiple projects and giveback programs that directly impact Indigenous communities, learn more about our impact in the community and how we believe in full circle giving.


MINI TIPI supports our community through partnerships and various Indigenous led initiatives that align with our values.  We donate our products to local organizations who have annual cultural events, and we also provide opportunities throughout the year for our customers to participate in active economic reconciliation.  We raise money through a portion of our sales multiple times throughout the year to be able to offer these funds to organizations that have direct impact on Indigenous communities.  We have contributed to organizations such as the Downie- Wenjack Foundation, the Minwaashin Lodge, the Aylmer Food Bank, Camp PathFinder, Camp TanaMakoon, and our active Artist Royalty Program.

At MINI TIPI we strive to be more than just a local business, we want to be a community member that contributes both to our local community and to Indigenous communities. Some of our products themselves have giveback programs (like Miel and Birch Bark by Half Moon Woman) and River from Brand Label)

  • Water First

    Water First works with communities in Canada to provide locally-based education and training opportunities for  young Indigenous adults through internship programs  to gain the technical skills required to monitor and provide safe clean water to their communities.

  • True North Aid

    Proceeds of your purchase will be shared with True North Aid, an Indigenous organization that supports northern and remote communities with practical humanitarian support.


Pow Wow Pitch

Pow Wow Pitch is a grassroots community of Indigenous entrepreneurs across Turtle Island, purpose-built to provide a safe, collaborative, supportive and empowering platform for inspiration, education, mentorship, celebration, and reconciliation through entrepreneurship.

Pow Wow Pitch enhances, develops and accelerates growth for current and aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs in a sustainable way through programs and resources. 

MINI TIPI participated for the first time in 2019 at the Summer Solstice Pow Wow in Ottawa, as young entrepreneurs pitching our business for the first time. Little did we know that that moment would create a life long relationship with Pow Wow Pitch.  

Since 2019, MINI TIPI has been actively participating as entrepreneurs. To see the progress we have made from the opportunities we’ve received from Pow Wow Pitch is invaluable. We love and support everything that Pow Wow Pitch does for entrepreneurs, it gives them a space and stage to stand out, dream big, and tell their story. In 2023, we really wanted to make a difference and allow entrepreneurs to have more opportunities and to lift each other up and to see us all succeed together.  

Since 2023, we are proud to say that we have  donated over $6,000 in prizes and community involvement. This allows us to come full circle and giveback to initiatives that helped us in our beginnings.  At MINI TIPI we understand the importance of reciprocity and investing in future generations.

To learn more, https://www.powwowpitch.org/mini-tipi-gives-back-three-extra-prizes-for-indigenous-entrepreneurs-at-ottawa-summer-solstice-pow-wow-pitch/

Kitigan Zibi First Nation High School Visit

MINI TIPI has developed a partnership with a local school from Kitigan Zibi First Nation.  The school offers their students many programs to develop skills that can inspire them to the possibilities of entrepreneurship.  They have a sewing lab, a 3D printer lab, traditional cultural programs, and beading workshops.  

MINI TIPI invites the senior classes U 4-5 from Kitigan Zibi to visit our warehouse, hear the story of how MINI TIPI was born and the evolution, from the success stories to the roadblocks.  The goal is to empower the youth to see their potential and talents as gifts and to use them through entrepreneurship.  To hear a success story and to encourage them to follow their dreams! 

With the entire team at MINI TIPI, we created a hands-on project for the students to participate in while discovering the production area, where they get to cut and sew authentic fabrics with designs that they could connect with and create something they could be proud of.  The experience was absolutely amazing.  We got to see first hand the impact of community involvement with the youth.  Everyone finished a project, even if it was their first time on an industrial sewing machine.  The first students who participated left proud and the school trip is now an annual event.

Our youth are the next generation! MINI TIPI invests in our youth to help build the next leaders.

WOVEN Design Contest

In 2023, in collaboration with I Love First Peoples, we started our first youth driven initiative, WOVEN.  WOVEN is a design contest that was developed to get young Indigenous students living in communities across Canada involved and interested in the world of entrepreneurship and design. This opportunity inspired youth to create and submit a drawing from their cultural teachings with the possibilities to have the design woven into a blanket with MINI TIPI.  This initiative provides the opportunity for them to see the potential in their talents and to use entrepreneurism as financial empowerment.

MINI TIPI announced WOVEN’s first winner of the design contest back in October, congratulations to Summer Testawich! Summer’s blanket is in the making and you can expect the launch of her design to come this spring.

Repurposed Threads Initiative

Introducing our Repurposed Threads Initiative!  At the heart of our social impact is a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We recognize the immense value in every scrap of fabric, which is why we've launched this program dedicated to giving new life to textile remnants. Instead of allowing them to languish in landfills, we send our cut ends to local Indigenous organizations to use for women programs, local schools who are teaching industrial sewing machine skills, brand collaborations (Copious Fashion) who are transforming these scraps into something meaningful and impactful. Through the Repurposed Threads Initiative, we harness the power of creativity and community to craft high-quality, purposeful goods.  Let us know if your organization would like to be part of our program to create and reuse high quality material and to make a positive difference, one thread at a time. Together, we can turn scraps into solutions and create a more sustainable future for all.

Would your organization benefit from a fabric donation? Write us to info@minitipi.ca to talk to us about your project!