Recycled fibres give waste a new life, and a luxurious one at that.

At MINI TIPI we are guided by the Seventh Generation Principle which is an Indigenous concept that leads you to make decisions thinking of the seven generations that are to come, and to remember the seven generations who came before you. We take great pride in offering accessories made with recycled fibers and exhibit superior workmanship, resulting in a product that is reliable, long lasting and surpasses expectations and can be passed down through generations.

The Process

The art form of recycling textile fibers has been around for 100’s of years and practised in Italy.  By repurposing clothing and recycling the fibers, thousands of tons of fibers are not disposed of as waste and are re-introduced in the production cycle preserving the environment.  From sorting clothing by colour and blend, shredding, spinning yarn to weaving the fabrics, each step is beautiful in its own way to complete the whole process.

As MINI TIPI grew, we realized our impact as a textile company and now only use eco-friendly fabrics that are woven with reclaimed fibres.  We are the only manufacturer in Canada to offer authentic designs woven with eco-friendly fabric creating products that our customers and Mother Earth can feel good about.


We strive to offer vibrant and incredibly soft fabric blends. The durability of our fabrics will keep our products looking new over the years because we believe that every detail matters, from the choice of fabric, the workmanship to the experience of our customers when they first touch and feel our products.

Full Circle

Once we receive our fabric at our warehouse where we manufacture all our products, MINI TIPI has the power to determine where our personal waste goes. No piece of fabric is too small to use. MINI TIPI is committed to finding individuals and organizations that could use our our high quality authentic fabric and be part of our Repurposed Threads Initiative; animal sanctuaries, Indigenous organizations that teach hands-on practices, local schools and other local makers are just some of the people and places that have helped to reduce our waste.  Through the Repurposed Threads Initiative, we harness the power of creativity and community to craft high-quality, purposeful goods.

At MINI TIPI we keep in mind the next generations, and how we all play a part in preserving the environment.  The beauty of recycling is that it is circular.  We start with a choice and it leads by setting an example.