10 Indigenous Gift Ideas Guide For Father’s Day

10 Indigenous Gift Ideas Guide For Father’s Day


The Best Indigenous Gifts for Dad


 As Father’s Day approaches, it’s the perfect moment to ponder how we can delight dad this year. A truly memorable gift is one infused with significance, a gift that carries the weight of history and culture, echoing in our hearts. It's a gift crafted with love for the one who loves us unconditionally. At MINI TIPI, we’ve created a gift guide with 10 meaningful Indigenous gift ideas, made by Indigenous businesses and artists. Let’s elevate this Father’s Day by making a difference, let’s celebrate with an Indigenous gift.




Birch Bark Coffee

Who doesn’t love a cup of joe? Birch Bark Coffee offers many different roasts so you are sure to find something to suit dad’s taste. 


Épices du Guerrier (Warrior Blends)

BBQ season is here so why not get dad all geared up? Épices du Guerrier has great bundles, one specifically for new customers to get a little taste of their classics


Mitsoh Dry Meat

Now available as a tasty snack, dry meats and Pemmican (think if a maple syrup based snack and beef jerky had a baby) were traditional staple foods that many Indigenous nations used to survive the winter months. Like Pânsâwân says “When it comes to flavour, our ancestors know best.”


Sriracha Revolver

They say spicy food gives you chest hair, so let’s get dad’s hair growing. Sriracha Revolver has great bundles to try multiple flavours, or if you know what you love, they now offer 500ml bottles!



Onquata Paddle

A one of a kind gift for a one of a kind dad. These made-to-order paddles will wow dad and make him stand out on the water. If dad doesn’t do water sports, Onquata offers decorative paddle options as well!


Trickster Skateboard and Basketball

What started with a desire to represent oneself has turned into a company that offers a wide range of products with Indigenous designs. Instead of letting dad ride a mainstream deck with a design everyone else has, get him a Trickster deck or basketball and celebrate Indigenous arts!



MINI TIPI blankets

How many of you have had YOUR blankets stolen by dad? It’s not a coincidence that dad is always the first one on the couch claiming dibs on the MINI TIPI blanket. This Father’s Day, gift dad his own blanket. They may not admit how much they love our soft and luxurious blankets, but the proof is in the pudding. 


Yukon soap grooming kit

Does Dad have facial hair? If he already maintains his facial hair these grooming products will fall right into his get ready routine. From shaving soaps, oils, and waxes, Yukon Soaps has everything dad needs. If dad’s beard is unruly, you could give these products as a way to drop a hint, you never know, he might not be the pampering type right now but with the right products you’ll be walking into dad with cucumbers on his eyes in no time.



Aaniin classic cap

The classic dad cap, it can accompany him to any activity. Hiking, tennis, golf, and even patio crashing, the Aaniin (which means hello in Anishinaabemowin) classic cap could become his new go-to.


MINI TIPI Men Poncho

A stylish poncho for a stylish dad ! Designed by our Head of Design, these ponchos champion authentic Indigenous style while offering incredible comfort. Winter can be rough, these ponchos are made for your dad to stay warm. 

Indigenous businesses hold a pivotal role in Canada, and with the spirit of reconciliation, there’s a crucial opportunity to champion the Indigenous culture, wisdom, way of life, and timeless expertise that enriches Canadian heritage. If you're eager to explore indigenous authentic designs and gifts , don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.