Our Story



MINI TIPI is a Canadian brand which operates and manufactures its products locally in Gatineau, Canada. Setting itself apart by collaborating with Indigenous artists to create proper representation and celebrating Indigenous arts and cultures, MINI TIPI is changing the game by providing people with the opportunity to buy while appreciating culture with confidence. Through their artist royalty program and giveback initiatives, MINI TIPI has become leaders in artistic collaborations, community involvement, and local manufacturing.

How was MINI TIPI started?

Co-founded in 2016 by Trisha Pitura, from Nipissing First Nation, and Melanie Bernard, from Quebec City of settler descent, MINI TIPI is shaped by their professional and personal experiences. Finding the void of authentically designed Indigenous textiles back when starting their business has led them to create what we know MINI TIPI as today; an industry leading lifestyle brand that collaborates with Indigenous artists to design textiles to create high-quality products locally. The relationship between the two co-founders, as well as the work their business accomplishes, exemplifies what a future of reconciliation can look like.