Proudly Indigenous - Women Owned - Made in Canada

MINI TIPI is a Canadian lifestyle brand that operates and manufactures its products locally in Gatineau, Québec, Canada. With the purpose of addressing the lack of authentic Indigenous-designed textiles, MINI TIPI is a brand label that collaborates with Indigenous artists to create exclusive designs ensuring proper representation in the industry

While celebrating Indigenous arts and cultures, MINI TIPI offers individuals the opportunity to purchase products while appreciating cultural diversity with confidence. Through their artist royalty program and giveback initiatives, MINI TIPI became a leader in Indigenous designed textiles, artistic collaborations and community involvement.

Products offered by MINI TIPI are designed, cut, and sewn in Canada. Providing products made in Canada creates a ripple effect. Not only does it give back to the community through job opportunities and highlighting local talent but it maintains a hands-on approach that guarantees the production of the highest quality products that will stand the test of time. By constructing everything from scratch, MINI TIPI has the ability to choose materials that add to the products functionality, uniqueness, and durability.

How was MINI TIPI started?

 Co-founded in 2016 by Trisha Pitura, a member of Nipissing First Nation, and Melanie Bernard, from Quebec City of settler descent, MINI TIPI is shaped by their professional and personal experiences. Finding the void of authentically designed Indigenous textiles back when starting their business has led them to create what we know MINI TIPI as today; an industry leading lifestyle brand that creates authentic designs and collaborates with Indigenous artists to share knowledge and create high-quality products locally.  Operating out of their manufacture with their creative and driven team of eleven, MINI TIPI cultivates a positive work environment that nurtures creativity, productivity and motivates the team to contribute to the company mission. The relationship between the two co-founders, as well as the work their business accomplishes, exemplifies what a future of reconciliation can look like.

Meet Trish

co-founder & Creative Director

Meet Trish, the visionary behind the brand's captivating designs. With a profound passion for textiles and an unparalleled eye for design, she orchestrates the artistic vision that defines MINI TIPI’s products.

In her role as creative director, she infuses every aspect of the business with her unique creative flair. She also leads the artist collaborations, forging meaningful partnerships that enrich the collections with cultural depth, representation and authenticity. She is the driving force behind the product development, ensuring that each development not only embodies beauty but also tells a story.

Meet Mel

co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing

Meet Mel, the powerhouse behind our success story. With an unwavering drive and contagious energy, she has been the leading force in catapulting the business to new heights. As a key figure in MINI TIPI’s journey, she oversees both the sales and marketing divisions with finesse and strategic vision.

Her impact extends beyond mere business metrics. As an ally she is deeply invested in reconciliation and through her leadership, MINI TIPI embraces diversity, celebrates Indigenous arts and cultures, and fosters meaningful connections within the community.