MINI TIPI - Indigenous Blankets, Our Best Sellers

MINI TIPI - Indigenous Blankets, Our Best Sellers

Throughout history, Indigenous people have used visual and oral storytelling to pass down knowledge. Family teachings and traditions were shared and recognized through traditional art-forms or woven into textile. For many Indigenous cultures, blankets have been used for centuries as a means of communication and storytelling, as well as a form of trade. Each blanket design carries deep cultural and historical significance, often reflecting on the unique stories, beliefs and values of the community. At MINI TIPI we celebrate Indigenous art and culture everyday. Our founders, Melanie Bernard, Head Of Sales and Marketing and Trisha Pitura, Head Of Design wanted to share with you some of our best sellers. Each design is exclusive to MINI TIPI and carries Indigenous stories, knowledge and culture. 




1 - The Thunderbird Indigenous Blanket  

About the Thunderbird Indigenous Blanket:

The Anishinaabe people believe the thunderbird to be one of the highest spiritual beings. It protects us from the serpents that live deep within the ground and ensures life for all living things.

The thunderbird is part of our natural law that teaches us that all living things must be treated with respect and integrity so that we can all survive.
This sacred bird comes here in the spring from the west bringing thunderstorms and rain. Then they do the same in the fall before returning west before winter. 
This spiritual symbol represents power, protection, strength and survival.



2- The Nibi Indigenous Blanket

About the Nibi Indigenous Blanket: 

Nibi is the Ojibway word for ''Water''. Star Quilts have been used for many generations among various Nations as gift of honour and protection. The Star Quilt design symbolizes our connection to the Universe and beyond. Nikki has incorporated the Star Quilt design as a tribute to her Nancy-baa (grandmother) , as well as Haudenosaunee SkyDome designs to honour Mohawk designs and florals to honour her own Anishinaabe ancestry.



3- The Connections Indigenous Blanket

About the Connections Indigenous Blanket:

The hummingbird is a small but powerful life force. It symbolizes healing and the connection that we have to the beyond. In order to maintain the connection to our relatives and loved ones that have travelled on to the spirit world we honour the messengers that bring us peace and hope.

We look to the light in search of them - just as the hummingbirds face towards the symbol of the sun and moon, and leave a trail of energy behind them as they flutter into the sky.

This blanket design is a warm reminder that those of our past are always with us in spirit, let us honour them.



4- The Miel Indigenous Blanket

About the Miel Indigenous Blanket

A birch bark biting is a unique piece of Indigenous artwork. They are made from biting an image, using only the teeth, into a thin, single layer of birch bark harvested from the birch tree. Then, by carefully folding the bark, the pattern imagined is pressed into the birch bark, using only the teeth. Because each piece must be created individually, birch bark bitings are like people; no two are exactly alike!

"I honour the water and the bees. They are two things that everything on Mother Earth depend on and therefore are deserving of the utmost respect. Without them, nothing would exist."—Pat Bruderer



5- The Ceremony Indigenous Blanket

About the Ceremony Indigenous Blanket:

''I wanted this blanket to encompass the safety, beauty and connection that make Full Moon ceremonies special. These ceremonies were how I bridged the physical and spiritual world, and was the first type of ceremony I ever attended. I connected deeply with the Full Moon – our grandmother – who in the physical world for me was an incredible matriarch and someone that passed away at a pivotal time in my life. When I attended a Full Moon ceremony for the first time, it felt like I could continue to have a relationship with her and like I was being wrapped in love, much like the purpose of this blanket.

Full Moon ceremonies give us an opportunity to connect with our Grandmother Moon, who guides all water on earth – including the Great Lakes, oceans, rivers, and the water that makes up most of our physical bodies. She represents femininity and life cycles – including our moon times and birth – since where there is life, there is water.

“Ceremony” brings you comfort and warmth, and was designed to look like we are sitting in a Full Moon ceremony together. There are ribbon skirts on one end, and ribbon pants on the other – representing how our modern ceremonies are inclusive and welcoming of all identities. I included berries and water to include the elements brought into ceremony. The skydomes along the sides represent the connection to the spirit world. Finally, the symmetry represents the importance of duality and balance, a teaching we must always carry in our bundles. '' -Morningstar


Beyond their practical use, our blankets serve as bridges for cultural exchange and understanding. They invite individuals to engage with Indigenous arts and traditions by understanding the history and significance of each design; we can respect, honor and appreciate the rich cultural heritage each design represents. . With each purchase, customers become part of a broader narrative—one of  empowerment, collaboration, and reconciliation.