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Aurora Sherpa Baby Blanket

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Made with recycled fabric

About the Aurora Indigenous Baby Blanket

This blanket will be part of your everyday adventures. Perfect for all seasons. Bundled in the stroller or toboggan on chilly days, snuggled up with books or a movie on the couch, or your babes all tucked in in their crib or bed. This practical piece will become part of your family. 

Aurora Sherpa Baby Blanket © design is property of MINI TIPI. No total or partial reproduction is authorized without the consent of MINI TIPI.


The Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, are such a natural beauty! Theyare very unique to Canada in the Northern Hemisphere where at night youcan see the vibrant colors dance.

First Nations people have teachings and practices that symbolize theNorthern Lights and can vary from Nation. One teaching being that theNorthern Lights are spirits of the ancestors celebrating life, reminding usthat we are all part of creation. Their dancing forms a pathway for the soulsas they travel to the next world.
Elements and energy, science and spirituality; they all fill the sky.


30 inches x 40 inches


This warm and luxurious blanket is made from a mix of acrylic and wool and backed with lush sherpa for extra warmth and thickness.  

Super soft wool/ acrylic blend reverses to cozy 100 % poly sherpa 

*Pattern layout subject to change according to cut.

Wash in cold. Tumble dry room temparature.

Aurora Sherpa Baby Blanket

About the artist Trisha Pitura

Explore the MINI TIPI collection designed by Co-Founder, and Creative Director, Trisha Pitura a member of Nipissing First Nation. Trisha’s Indigenous heritage personal experiences and love for textile are reflected in the stunning house brand designs.

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What makes MINI TIPI blankets special?

MINI TIPI’s products feature authentic Indigenous designs making them pieces of art in themselves. MINI TIPI not only creates exclusive designs, but also collaborates with Indigenous artists all across Turtle Island to provide a platform to highlight their art work as entrepreneurs and share their knowledge and teachings through beautiful designs. These products are unique, high quality, beautiful and conversation starters.

How to wash my MINI TIPI Blanket?

Due to the wool blend of MINI TIPI products, items can be washed on cold and hung to dry. 

How big are MINI TIPI blankets?

Our blankets are 60 inches by 80 inches.

Where is MINI TIPI’s fabric woven?

Our eco-friendly fabric is woven in Italy with recycled wool and polyester. 

How do MINI TIPI artist’s get paid?

MINI TIPI has a strong relationship with their collaborating artists and ensures long term support through their artist royalty program.