11 Indigenous Women-Owned Businesses We Love

11 Indigenous Women-Owned Businesses We Love

Happy International Women’s Day (well a little bit before but really it should be celebrated everyday!)

Today we want to take some time and highlight a few amazing women. We know so many remarkable women we could fill this list ten times over so we decided to focus on other Indigenous women entrepreneurs. Keep these brands in mind next time you decide to shop for yourself or for someone else!  Just because it’s Indigenous made does not mean it is only for Indigenous peoples to enjoy! 


Indigenous Women-Owned Brands We Love to WEAR

AANIIN – Streetwear

10 Indigenous Women-Owned We Love

Who doesn’t like to be comfy and stylish at the same time? AANIIN is a streetwear company founded by Chelsee Pettit in 2021 who has created not only her own line of products but also gives other Indigenous makers a platform to sell their work on (with 100% of the sales going back to the creator). AANIIN (Hi in Ojibway) was created to incorporate Indigenous syllabics in everyday wear.



DeliaEstelle Designs - Jewelry and DIY Kits


Stephanie’s bead work style absolutely sets her apart by using modern and traditional elements.  She incorporates medicine and a variety of materials such as quills and deer antlers. Her statement pieces have been worn by some powerful women leaders and her innovative DYI bead kits were designed to make traditional Ojibway beadwork accessible for anyone to learn.



 INDI CITY – Jewelry

10 Indigenous Women-Owned We Love

Self-identified Indigiqueer founders Angel and Alex created Indi City, a jewelry brand that is breaking the mold of what people assume Indigenous made jewelry looks like. Using technology and modern tools Indi City puts an contemporary spin on traditional designs made for everyone to enjoy.



Cheekbone Beauty– Cosmetics

10 Indigenous Women-Owned We Love

Have you heard of a sustainable cosmetic brand? You have now! Jenn Harper is the genius behind Cheekbone, a cosmetic brand that is dedicated to creating a sustainable beauty products. Cheekbone is now the first Indigenous brand carried by Sephora Canada which is monumental for Indigenous representation in the beauty world.



Aurora Heat – Outerwear

10 Indigenous Women-Owned We Love

Fur has always been a source of survival, especially in northern regions. Our friend, Brenda Dragon, the founder of Aurora Heat, grew up with furs keeping her warm since  childhood (in -40 degree weather). With a love for nature Aurora Heat was created to give consumers a natural and reusable option for warmth. The goal is to make “natural fur the first choice for warmth, replacing single-use products, fast-fashion, and synthetic/petroleum based materials.”



4KINSHIP - Fashion

10 Indigenous Women-Owned We Love

Turn heads with a piece from 4KINSHIP, a sustainable artwear brand created by Amy Denet Deal.  With an importance on commUNITY, 4KINSHIP has different programs that support local Diné (Navajo) communities through the sales of their handmade, one-of-a-kind, upcycled, and reworked, vintage pieces.



Indigenous Women-Owned Brands We Love to SURROUND Ourselves With

 Lodge – Candles 

10 Indigenous Women-Owned We Love

From Fine Art to Fashion, Angela DeMontigny has done it all! Now with her new founded company, LODGE, she envelopes us in the most beautiful fragrances. From soy candles to mists, LODGE hopes to bring the natural world into your home by using “Oils derived from the plants, trees and spices used since time immemorial that bring peace, calm, clarity, cleansing, positive energy and healing.”



Sisters Sage - Wellness

10 Indigenous Women-Owned We Love

Inspired by their culture and traditions, Sisters Sage was founded in 2018 by Lynn-Marie & Melissa-Rae Angus. Using traditional ingredients to create modern products, “Sisters Sage is committed to producing beautiful, Indigenous inspired products that not only highlight our rich culture, but also promote environmental sustainability, and inspire future female and youth entrepreneurs.” 



Yukon Soap Company – Soap & Self-Care

10 Indigenous Women-Owned We Love

Although the name might suggest otherwise, The Yukon Soap Company is so much more than just soap. Joella Hogan, the founder, has created not just a manufacturing and retail company but a space for community and learning. From public workshops to having Elders and children join her to gather botanicals, The Yukon Soap Company empowers many to strengthen their connection to the culture and the land.



Sequoia - Soaps

10 Indigenous Women-Owned We Love - Women's Day

Founded in 2002 in Michaelee Lazore’s kitchen, Sequoia was born to give people the opportunity to get local products that support Indigenous makers. Now, twenty years later, Sequoia has a local workshop and team that fulfill all your wellness needs. From soaps to lotions and candles, Sequoia has everything you need to treat yourself!



Skwalwen Botanicals – Skincare

10 Indigenous Women-Owned We Love - Women's Day

Skincare is so important, from face to body, you only want to nourish it with the very best! Thankfully Skwalwen Botanicals is here for us. Leigh Joseph, the founder of Skwalwen Botanicals, works with what nature has to offer, plants of food and medicine that build her connection to the land. She uses these connections to build her incredible collections.